Pasoh Forest Reserve (04.01.2016 to 06.30.2016)

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April - June
Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

The prominent drought since early this year still persists with minimal rain and temperatures reaching 38C. Some dipterocarp trees were seen flowering in June 2016 even after the masting in late 2014 untl mid 2015.

Protocol Activities: 

Climate: Monthly data collected and uploaded

Vertebrates: Camera trapping in Array 3 completed. Cameras were deployed in Array 1 in mid June 2016 for collection in mid August 2016. 
Note that Pasoh has no array 2.

Protocol Problems: 

Vegetation data collected for 2016 has not been uploaded yet until correction on bearing and distance from previous census is corrected. The existing protocol does not address this situation. TEAM Technical team is assisting.