Ranomafana (01.01.2016 to 03.31.2016)

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January - March
Communications activities: 
  • Meeting with the Regional Meteorological station staff in Fianarantsoa for TEAM climate station registration.
  • Inauguration of weather station
  • On March 24th, 2016 Claude Jacquot Ralazampirenena and Jean de Dieu Rananatsoa attended the inauguration of climate station in Beravina-Fianarantsoa, and also attended the celebration of world meteorological day
  • Presented CVB’s TEAM program at the World Meteorolical Day Celebration.
Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 


New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

Vegetation Protocol

During this quarter, vegetation plot 5 and plot 6 have been sampled and all data have already been uploaded into the TEAM Portal. The re-census for vegetation plot 3 in Andranofady was not accomplished due to the theft of equipment mentioned above. We have already started to repair the damage to the marking of the plot and in the next quarter we will spend more time in this site to re-setting up the plot and collect samples.

Terrestrial Vertebrate Protocol

The remaining 20 camera trap locations at array 2 were sampled successfully. A total of 2492 images belonging to 11 species of Mammalia (4 Carnivora, 2 Primates, 2 Rodentia, 1 Cetardiodactyla, 1 Artiodactyla and 1 Afrosoricida) and 3 species of aves (1 Cuculiformes, 1 Accipitriformes and 1 Columbriformes) were recorded from this array. The images already recorded from the 40 camera traps location (Array 2 & Array 3) in Ranomafana TEAM site have been identified and annotated into DeskTEAM software and data backed up. 

Set up phase for camera trap at array 1 have also been done and the pickup phase is still being processed. In the next quarter we will send to CI (TEAM headquarter) the tpk file on a flash memory card for the images from the TEAM sites in Ranomafana Madagascar as the internet connection is unstable right now and we cannot upload it.

Climate Protocol

Our weather station data logger is no longer consistently saving data to the memory card. Right now we are pulling data from the internal memory every few days into our laptop as the internal memory only holds about a weeks’ worth of data. Climate data has been uploaded into Portal and be-weekly and climate station maintenance has been conducted regularly. On March 23rd, 2016 during the celebration of world meteorological day, TEAM Ranomafana weather station was inaugurated by the Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism, Transport and Meteorology of Madagascar.

Protocol Problems: 

Vegetation - Most of the tag and all twine in the baseline at plot 3 Andranofady were stolen by someone.

Terrestrial Vertebrate - RM45 camera Traps produce poor quality photos and we cannot identify many photos from those cameras. Also a problem with JAVA and Windows 10 prevented Deskteam from working in Q1 and Q2. This has since been resolved and DeskTeam is once again functional. We are still playing catch up on TV data but we hope to have it all entered by May 15th.

Climate - Our weather station data logger is no longer to saving data to the memory card.

Schedule Problems: 

Due to the above mentioned theft of equipment in Andranofady, we have not accomplished the re-census for the vegetation at plot 3 Andranofady. We will return to plot 3 next quarter and resample then.

Logistical Problems: 

All RM45 Camera traps produced poor quality photos


Vegetation - We are currently re-setting up the plot 3 Andranofady. Next quarter we will sample it and upload the data into portal the data when we have it done.

Terrestrial Vertebrate - I suggest all the RM45 camera trap should be replaced with HC500. 

Climate -  For long term solution, we propose to purchase a new data logger on the next monitoring period for the climate protocol. Short term, we are collecting data from the internal memory of the data logger every four days to prevent data loss if we run out of internal storage room.