Ranomafana (07.01.2013 to 09.30.2013)

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July - September
Communications activities: 

Lecture on Ranomafana TEAM (Tropical Ecology Assessment and monitoring) to the United Kingdom Summer Study Abroad and the Stony Brook University Study Abroad at Namanabe Hall, Centre ValBio Ranomafana.

Presentation of TEAM methodology and results to a group of graduate university students from the “Environmental School Institute” Antananarivo.

During this quarter, several meetings and communication were held between CI Madagascar, TEAM Ranomafana, and the Park Manager (MNP) especially about the financial and technical aspect of the project, and the advantages of TEAM monitoring for the park.  Also for the preparation of the TEAM renewal documents (activity reports, proposal budget, work plan, permit, etc…), discussion and communication were also made with several institutions, including the Madagascar National Parks (MNP) and the Ministry of Research.


Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

There was an International Congress for the Prosimians at Centre ValBio, where many people from all over the world came to attend.  While visiting the Research Center, many people were very interested to know and understand about the TEAM project in Ranomafana , as part of the biodiversity management within the Madagascar National Park.

New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 


The expedition for plant voucher specimen collection at plot 5 Maharira was accomplished at the beginning of July 2013.  All collected voucher specimens were prepared in laboratory (dried in oven, catalogued, and stored for future taxonomic identification).  All specimen data were entered and used for the revision of the vegetation plot taxonomy.  However, not all unknown plant specimens had their fertile parts for the taxonomic identification, so few plot trees still remained unknown.  Then, plant taxonomic position within TEAM Vegetation Data base was updated for plot 3, plot 4, and plot 5.  Data analysis was continued and yearly TEAM final Reports submitted.


Prior to the upcoming “Vegetation” field monitoring, field preparation, including, updated field sheets and planning scheduler were started.


Terrestrial Vertebrates

After cleaning and gathering field equipments, camera trap re-checking and testing was made prior the upcoming field expedition.  Some of the camera traps which did not function properly, by giving fuzzy pictures, had to be looked closely, cleaned again, and reported to the TEAM Headquarters for solution.  Partial solution was also obtained from TEAM Headquarters on some of the malfunctioned camera traps.  We received two new brand camera traps (HC500 Rapid Fire, different from the RM45 Rapid Fire we usually have).  So, the “Terrestrial Vertebrates” crew started to get trained in these new camera traps, after the camera traps were calibrated and tested.  All the previously used memory cards were also sent back from the Headquarters for solving the problem in finding the needed old make memory cards in stores for the upcoming next field monitoring.  So, we had to delete all the content (old pictures) of the cards in order to make them ready for the upcoming field monitoring.  Prior to the upcoming “Terrestrial Vertebrates” field monitoring, updated field sheets and planning scheduler had also to be done and protocol review and updated will be assessed.  Data analysis still continue and combined and compared with the previous camera trapping data.



Regular Climate data collection and climate station maintenance continued.  All the collected climate data were uploaded regularly into the TEAM portal.

Protocol Problems: 


Schedule Problems: 

Planned and submitted/accepted “Personnel scheduler” for the upcoming next field monitoring had to be revised and postponed, due to the delay in finalization of the TEAM renewal documents.

Logistical Problems: