Ranomafana (10.01.2015 to 12.31.2015)

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October - December
Communications activities: 
  • Startup meeting with TEAM financial responsible from CI
  • Meeting with the responsible of Regional Meteorological station in Fianarantsoa for TEAM climate station registration at Regional level first, then at National level
  • Evaluated the interns of My Rainforest My World (MRMW) project who worked in the Primairy School near of Array 3.
Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 


New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

Vegetation Protocol

For this sampling period 205.01, re-measuring 6 plots, starting with the farthest site which is more difficult to access during the rainy season and will be ending with the closest. During this first quarter (October- December, 2015), we conducted the re-measurement of trees in plot1 and plot 2. Vegetation data from those site have already been entered into Portal.

Terrestrial Vertebrate Protocol

The remaining 20 camera traps location were sampled successfully in array 3. A total of 2016 animal images belonging to 13 species of Mammalia (4 carnivora, 3 primmates, 3 rodentia, 2 cetardiodactyla and 1 afrosoricida) and 4 species of aves (2 cuculiformes, 1 ciconiformes and 1 columbriformes) were recorded from deployment of this array 3 Andemaka-Bevoahazo. Setting up camera traps in array 2 have been carried out.

Climate Protocol

Monthly climate data collecting (every 15th of the month) and be-weekly climate station maintenance have been conducted regularly. At the end of this quarter, we were cut all trees around of the TEAM meteorological station in order to get reliable data and also to follow the standard according the instruction from the responsible of regional meteorological station in Fianarantsoa during our last meeting.

Protocol Problems: 

Problem to use desk TEAM software: although we can download the program desk TEAM from website, but when I installed it on the computer, the installation was failed. We have already sent an e-mail to Jess (CVB’s IT person), but we received no new from him.

Since December 6, 2015, some equipment at climate station did not worked well. Claude Ralazampirenena and Jean de Deu Ramanantsoa resolved that problem, when we found it. Now it is working.

Schedule Problems: 

We did not experience any schedule problem in this quarter period. All activities were implemented as scheduled.

Logistical Problems: 
  • We do have 9 camera traps in bad shape and one does not worked
  • Our car was broken but the money in our budget not enough to repair it completely.
  • It will be good to replace all camera traps in bad Shape or does not worked in order to avoid a schedule problem on Terrestrial Vertebrate Protocol.
  • For this sampling period, we can use CVB’s Car but for the next sampling period we should provide a budget for buying a new car or for general repair for all old car piece.