Udzungwa (04.01.2009 to 06.30.2009)

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April - June
Communications activities: 
Approval of research permit to start TEAM monitoring by local research authorities (Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute) was obtained in May 2009. Subsequently, communication by e-mail with relevant parties in Tanzania was held to prepare for project implementation. Site Manager will be recruited in July, field technicians, drivers and other support field staff are already on site.
Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 
New Species: 
Monitoring not yet initiated.
Protocol Problems: 
Monitoring not yet initiated.
Schedule Problems: 
Monitoring not yet initiated.
Logistical Problems: 
Main problem with purchasing all the equipment was the delay in obtaining duty and VAT exhemption for the car, which has not been finilized (foreseen completion by next quarter). Meanwhile, MTSN project car will be used for TEAM activities. Import of equipment from US either directly to Tanzania, or to Italy and then hand-carried, involved higher costs than expected.