Udzungwa (04.01.2014 to 06.30.2014)

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April - June
Communications activities: 

In mid May 2014, Emanuel Martin, who is a Site Manager for Udzungwa attended a one week training on Statistics for his PhD at Aston University in Birmingham - United Kingdom. The course was mainly focused on Generalised Linear Model and Generalised Additive Model which are critical for analysing his data.

Also during the last week of May 2014, Mr. Martin travelled to Rwanda to team up with other deligates from the TEAM Headquarter in the USA namely James MacCarthy and Melissa Rosa to train staff particularly the Site Manager for the newly established TEAM site in Rwanda. The training centred to the three core TEAM protocols.The new TEAM site in Rwanda is found in the Volcanoes Mountains National Park.

See the picture for one of the activities while in Rwanda.


Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

Heavy down pours have been sighted in the Udzungwa. This time of heavy rains were last seen fifty years ago.

New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

Only climate protocol was implemented during the quarter with 100% records

Protocol Problems: 

The climate station was not able to record rainfall data. The problem was communicated to the Help DeskTEAM. Initially we had to change the raingauge after satsfying ourselves that, all the connections were intact. Then it was thought that, the problem could related to the script which was then replaced after changing some cabling connections. Now the climate station is able to record rainfall data.

Schedule Problems: 


Logistical Problems: 




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