Udzungwa (10.01.2015 to 12.31.2015)

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October - December
Communications activities: 

In December 2nd - 4th, Mr. Arafat Mtui and former TEAM site Manager Emanuel H. Martin did attend the 10th TAWIRI biannual Scientific Conference held in Arusha - Tanzania. During the conference, Mr. Emanuel Martin presented findings on his PHD study based on the camera trap data which indicates that seasonal variation may have limited effect on occupancy and detectability of forest mammals. After TAWIRI conference, both Mr. Mtui and Martin attended training course on R Statistic and QGIS that held at Anglican Church in Arusha - Tanzania. (See the attached photos).

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

In December (between 05-10th), solar panel of the climate station was stolen after thieves cut the padlock and break the gate of the fence. They also knocked enclosure of the battery to remove; they didn't manage because cage of the battery was constructed by the concrete cement that protects battery. However it seems enclosure of the battery got some damages. (See attached photos). Automatic Weather machine paused for almost three weeks while consultation was proceeding with TEAM technical staffs at the HQ. New solar panel was purchased for replacement and the system was re-installed on December 28th and data collection resumed.

New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

In this quarter, a last array of 20 camera traps was deployed; data collection on terrestrial vertebrate was successfully completed. The data have been sent to Italy for uploading process into TEAM website.

Protocol Problems: 

Technical problems in the drop-down list on the DeskTEAM program related to uploading photos happened in this quarter. The problem was reported to the technical staffs at the TEAM HQ, and was fixed with inputs from TEAM HQs.

There have been some problems with climate protocol, regarding the stolen of the solar panel as mentioned above, cables that supplies power to the machine was disconnected which led into shutting down of the machine and missing of some data on climate since a day of stolen (see attached photos).

Schedule Problems: 

Due to vandalism at the climate station mentioned above, climate data collection paused for couple of weeks in December, 2015. This caused some missing data in December, 2015.

Logistical Problems: 



To increase protection of the Automatic Weather machine, a number of options should be considered, such as installing The Instant Detect (ID) system that utilizes satellite technology. The system has been specifically designed as an alerting system to strengthen anti-poaching operations and improve the efficiency of biodiversity monitoring in remote locations. (For more information contact at: conservation.technology@zsl.org) The other options as discussed by the head of protection department at Udzungwa Mountains National Park, could be construction of the cemented concrete structure and use of strong metal and iron sheet gate that may not be easily destructed by poachers/ thieves.