Virunga Massif (01.01.2016 to 03.31.2016)

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January - March
Communications activities: 

No communications activties were undertaken during this quarter.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

No unusual events happened during this quarter

New Species: 

No new species

Protocol Activities: 

1. Climate Monitoring Protocol

Climate data for January, February and March 2016 were downloaded and the climate station was maintained.

2. Terrestrial Vertebrate (camera trap) Monitoring Protocol

The TPK files of Camera traps' images were exported into tpk file, put on the external drive and sent to James MaccArthy at Conservation International as we proceeded last year. This is because the files are heavy and it is difficult to upload them to TEAM portal using our slow internet.

3.  Vegetation Monitoring Protocol

In February, vegetation plot data were entered in excel sheets and uploaded to TEAM web portal after checking for errors.


Protocol Problems: 

1. Climate station

There is a persisting technical issue with the climate station since January 2016 that we failed to fix. The data logger fails to communicate with the memory cards. To download data, we directly connect the computer to the data logger. Any assistance will be helpful to solve this issue.

Schedule Problems: 

No schedule problem was encounterd during this quarter

Logistical Problems: 

No logistical problem was encountered


No suggestion.