Virunga Massif (10.01.2014 to 12.31.2014)

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October - December
Communications activities: 

On December 3 and 4, Badru Mugerwa, the Bwindi-TEAM Network Site Manager trained our team in establishing vegetation plots. 

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

No unusual event took place at the site.

New Species: 

No new species to the site was encountered. 

Protocol Activities: 

1.      Climate Monitoring Protocol


Climate data for October, November and December have been downloaded and the climate station serviced. Data were uploaded to TEAM web portal.


2.      Terrestrial Vertebrate (camera trap) Monitoring Protocol


On October 7, the last camera trap (CT-VOL-2-05) was deployed in the park. From October 15 to November 7, camera traps for Array 2 were picked up. During the months of November and December, we uploaded all images from memory cards to DeskTeam and annotated them. The TPK files were sent to TEAM Technical Manager in early of January 2015. Camera traps captured images of 18 species including 3 Aves and 15 Mammalia.

3. Vegetation Monitoring Protocol

We started establishing the vegetation plots on December 3. Plots 1 and 2 were completed by the end of December. 

Protocol Problems: 

We relocated proposed vegetation plots 3 and 5. Plot 3 was located on the top of the volcano and there were no trees. Plot 5 was not accessible.

Camera trap 13 stopped working while in Array 2 after taking 2,202 images on its 22 day in field. When turned on it shows light and word “Reconyx” but the OK, <, and > buttons seem not working. We are still looking for information to fix it and if we completely fail, we will contact Reconyx technicians for help.

Also the memory card of camera trap number 30 was full on its day 11th in field in Array 2after taking 3,675 images. This was due to the small size of the memory card (2 GB) and we will make sure that we replace all of the memory cards of 2 GB with the ones of 4 GB for next deployment.

Schedule Problems: 

Due to difficult terrain, establishing vegetation plots took more time than expected but we aim to finish all of them by middle of February 2015

Logistical Problems: 

No logistical problem was met.


No suggestion.