Volcán Barva (01.01.2011 to 03.31.2011)

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January - March
Communications activities: 
The Site Manager gave a talk and carried out a field trip to showcase the “Volcan Barva TEAM Project, Costa Rica" for 10 students at the University of Maryland taking the undergraduate course in Tropical Sustainable Ecosystems. The Site Manager gave a talk about results of “Volcan BarvaTEAM Project, Costa Rica for 20 students participating in the Tropical Ecology OTS Course. The site manager attended a meeting to discuss about the possibility of a CTFS plot at La Selva, using the TEAM IMA plot as location and following the TEAM vegetation protocol. The site manager attended a meeting with the Panthera Organization to discuss and plan for sampling new potential sites within the Braulio Carrillo and set up camera traps for photographing jaguars.
Protocol Problems: 
On January two additional 12V batteries were connected in parallel to add amperage (54+24+24 amps) to the solar panel since the radiation shield fan was off at nights. The problem was solved. All sensors of the weather station are running correctly. We had problems with the old climate station which was not registering data from sensors. The datalogger from the old weather station was checked in the lab to look any problems. After this CR23X datalogger was checked, it seems that the circuitry for analog measurements is damaged. Besides the logger channels not working correctly, it seems that power failed at a certain point. The battery voltage start dropping and failed completely later on. Regarding to terrestrial vertebrates sampling, many cameras are not working properly. Almost 50% of cameras for array 2 showed some kind of damage. Please note for array 2 we had to use two new models of camera traps (RC60 and HC500). Deskteam proccessed with no problems the pictures from the first model but no for the second model due its use of an SD card. Some cameras stopped working before they were picked up. In some cameras I could identify the problem with the sensor and lens but in others it is not possible because I tested them again in the lab and they seem to be working fine. After having processed the camera trap data from Array 2 I found several technical problems. I reported the damage of the camera 1 and I did not have problems with that, but I wanted t do the same thing with the camera 5 because the card is damaged but deskteam and the computer did not recognize the card. When I tried to upload the data from memory card to the deskteam, it said something like : the card is not in the hierarchy folder. Then I tried to see the data and the computer did not read the card. The problem exactly with the deskteam is when I wanted to report the damage, it showed me all cameras traps points from Array 2, less CT-VB-2-5. Some cameras in array 2 had hidden pictures with a different nomenclature and some cameras did several groups of images with the same information
Schedule Problems: 
There are not schedule problems up to date. On February we carried out the maintenance of the trail Sendero transecto. We have completed the climate sampling from the new weather station scheduled up to date. The climate data from January up to March was submitted in the new data entry form version 3.0. Six plots of vegetation have been measured up to date and the vegetation data from December up to march was submitted as well in the new data entry form version 1.5. Two arrays of terrestrial vertebrates sampling scheduled up to date have been carried out. Array 1 and 2 were submitted on deskteam and the cards and DVD were sent to Washington.
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