Volcán Barva (01.01.2014 to 03.31.2014)

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January - March
Communications activities: 

The Site Manager gave a talk to students of OTS tropical biology course about TEAM project.

The Site Manager together with Panthera organization gave an educational activity focused on the protection of mammals in the Conservation area where TEAM work is carried out.

The site manager presented the WPI indicator and TEAM camera trap protocol in the Mesoamerican Protected Area Conference


Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

The terrestrial vertebrates sampling carried out this year has been very succesful in terms of unusual species sightings such as pumas and jaguars.

New Species: 

There were no new species in this sampling period.

Protocol Activities: 

The climate data from January 1st  up to March 19th were collected and submitted in the new data entry form Version 3.0. 


The annual census of trees, palms and lianas ≥10 cm diameter in the 1 ha plot located at 200, 400, 600, 960, 2000 and 2800 masl was completed up to date. More than 4000 stems have been measured.


We have completed the terrestrial vertebrates monitoring for the sampling period in array 1 and 2 (low and middle elevation). 40 camera traps were deployed. Interesting sightings of 18 mammals were recorded including felids such as puma and jaguar. 4000 pictures were processed on the deskteam.

All data (tpk file) were uploaded in the TEAM server.


Protocol Problems: 

There were no protocol problems on this sampling period

Schedule Problems: 

All scheduled field trips have been carried out on time up to date.

Logistical Problems: 

The motorcycle that we use to go to the climate station is on reparation now. So, we need to rent a car to collect the data on the climate station until motorcycle is repaired.


Last year we started conversations to adopt 1 ha plot located at 2400 masl which is very useful to cover the whole elevation gradient. I need all arrangements from you to do it and upload the data that we have from 2009 up to date.