Volcán Barva (04.01.2012 to 06.30.2012)

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April - June
Communications activities: 

The site manager carried out a field trip to make a video about how the TEAM vegetation protocol is carried out. This video was showed in the Daily Planet Theater for the opening of the Research Center in Ralleigh, North Carolina. The Site Manager gave a talk and carried out a field trip to show about “terrestrial vertebrates protocol Volcan Barva TEAM Project, Costa Rica for 20 students of NAPIRE (Native American and Pacific Islander Research Experience) course. They set up their camera traps in the field doing an experiment to compare photos caught using the trails and into the forest. The Site Manager gave two talks about “Volcan Barva TEAM Project, Costa Rica for 14 students of REU programa, an OTS course

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

There were no unusual events on this sampling period.

New Species: 

There were no new species on this sampling period.

Protocol Activities: 

The climate data from February 21th up to April 14th and data from June 6th up to June 29th were collected and submitted in the new data entry form version 3.0. We have completed all the annual census of trees, palms and lianas ≥10 cm diameter in the nine 1 ha plot located at different elevations on Braulio Carrillo national Park. More than 5000 stems were measured. We have completed the terrestrial vertebrates monitoring for all sampling period schedule in 2012. (array 1, 2 and 3). Interesting sightings of 15 terrestrial mammals were recorded. More than 20000 pictures were processed on the deskteam. All data and cards were already sent to CI office in Washington.

Protocol Problems: 

We had problems again downloading data from the datalogger at Plastico using Compact Flash cards. When placing a CF card the logger did not seem to transfer any data to it and the indicator light did not light up at all (not red, orange or green). We tried with different cards and eventually removed the compact flash module and reinserted it. After this an empty card was inserted and the red light blinked, but still no data was written to the card. We then tried to recover the data from the datalogger memory using a direct connection to the laptop for downloading the data. The connection failed in several attempts, download was slow and the transfer was eventually interrupted. After several attempts we disconnected the power to the logger and restart it as this has helped in the past. Unfortunately the logger did not start up properly when power was restored. The fact that the fan did not start on power up suggests that the program VB-Climate_v1.0.CR1 did not run. Communication could be established, but no real time data came back and data tables could not be downloaded. Attempts to communicate to the logger with the PDA failed. Ultimately we uploaded the VB-Climate_v1.0.CR1 program to the logger which allowed us to connect to the logger and see the real time data, while losing data. We also uploaded the most recent firmware (version 24) to the logger. In addition we realized that the two temperature/humidity sensors were failing due to moisture in the connectors. We realized that on rainy days with wind water may enter the aspirated fan shield through the opening where air is expulsed and run down to the sensors. Data from the sensors was erroneous (out of range values) and inspection of the sensors revealed corrosion on the connectors of the sensor head.

Schedule Problems: 

There were no schedule problems on this sampling period.

Logistical Problems: 

There were no logistical problems on this sampling period.


I would like to propose some new camera trap point locations for array 1, 2 and 3. I will submit the new camera trap point in the coming months for your revision.