Volcán Barva (04.01.2017 to 06.30.2017)

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April - June
Communications activities: 

In May, the site manager attended in Costa Rica, two researchers from CI- Peru, in order to teach the camera trap protocol and elaborate the sampling design and deployment plan), and steps to processing the data carefully ordering the respective files and cards for a study to implement terrestrial vertebrates monitoring in coffee farmers in Peru.

In July, the site manager attended a meeting to sign a cooperation agreement to share TEAM Jaguar’s data with other national researchers, in order to do a national analysis of actual distribution and occupancy rates of the species. This initiative is coordinated by SINAC (National System of Conservation Areas in Costa Rica) and MAPCOBIO project.

The SINAC (National System of Conservation Areas in Costa Rica) through the MAPCOBIO Project (Promoting Participatory Management for Biodiversity Conservation) and JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency) is working on a book about “Phototrapping in Costa Rica and its application for the wildlife management and conservation”. The site manager is the principal author and editor of this book where the TEAM work in Costa rica is mentioned. This book will be a useful guide for decision makers, park rangers and researchers and also to implement camera traps studies.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

There were not unusual events in this sampling period

New Species: 

There were not new species in this sampling period

Protocol Activities: 

All the annual census of trees, palms and lianas ≥10 cm diameter in the 1 ha plot were completed at this sampling period. On this sampling period, the 1 has plots located at 1500, 2000, 2400 was measured. More than 5000 stems have been measured.

We have completed the terrestrial vertebrates monitoring for the sampling period in array 3 (high elevation). 20 camera traps were deployed. Interesting sightings of 18 mammals were recorded included tapirs and red-brocket deers. 4000 pictures were processed in Deskteam. All data (tpk file) were uploaded in the TEAM server and added to the database.

Protocol Problems: 

We had problems downloading the data from the climate datalogger. The datalogger and the power is malfunctioning and the weather station was off during this sampling period. So, The climate data (VB-CL2) from March 26th to date are not available because the climate station is not working well.

After ending the terrestrial sampling period for array 3, we noted 6 cameras malfunctioning. Basically, the cameras are misfiring probably due to a problem with the LED sensor.


Schedule Problems: 

There were not schedule problems in this sampling period.

Logistical Problems: 

There were not logistical problems in this sampling period other than the issue with the climate station since March.


There were not suggestions in this sampling period.