Volcán Barva (07.01.2009 to 09.30.2009)

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July - September
Communications activities: 
  1. Research Undergraduate Students program. REU Program. OTS. Site manager gave general talk about “TEAM Project. Costa Rica" to 40 people.
  2. FRONTIER people. Organization using volunteers to monitor biodiversity. Site manager gave general talk about “TEAM Project. Costa Rica".
  3. San Juan – La Selva corridor's semestral meeting. Site manager gave general talk about “TEAM Project. Costa Rica" to 25 people.
  4. ATBC Conference: Agouti and peccaries data from Terrestrial Vertebrates protocol (2006-2008) were used to publish a poster by Erin Kuprewics, a student of the University of Miami. The title of the poster was "Relative terrestrial mammal abundances and contrasting seed defense strategies impact neotropical seed fates" and it won the first place Merian Award for best poster at the 2009 ATBC Conference.
Note: There were not personal changes this period. However, this is the last period where two of the four technicians will work with us.
Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 
On July, Jan Dempelwolf from TEAM-CI Washington visited LS in order to do some measurements of the forest. The VB TEAM technicians collaborated to him with the measurements in the field during two weeks. The site manager was a mentor of one REU student which was used TEAM avian data to carry out a study on abundance and microhabitat selection of a specific insectivorous bird (H. leucosticta – White breasted wren).
Schedule Problems: 
We have completed all sampling scheduled up to date. On July, the mapping, tagging and trees identification was carried out on the 1 ha plot located at 1450 masl. It is still pending the first census scheduled for the next dry season on 2010. On July, we carried out the avian sampling in IMA 1, 3 and 4. After seven days trying to complete the avian census in IMA 2, it was not possible due a lot of raining. Only 12 bird point counts were carried out. All data for litterfall and avian scheduled for this period were uploaded on the CI web server on the current data entry forms. All Vegetation data from January up to May were submitted as well in the new data entry form version 1.5.
Logistical Problems: 
The precipitation sensor (rain gage) have not replaced yet due lack of technician able to do it. It is pending a visit from OTS lab manager to do that.