Volcán Barva (07.01.2012 to 09.30.2012)

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July - September
Communications activities: 

The Site Manager attended the Panthera staff meeting and gave a talk to the MINAET (Environmental government) people about results of camera trapping monitoring in Braulio Carrillo National Park. Many conservation actions were provided to MINAET and local people. We hope developing a long-term program of workshops and educational activities with local people involved in conservation and protection activities such as ec-/lodges, hotels, park rangers, NGOs, etc.

The Site Manager participated in the EcoClassroom and carried out several field trips with the teachers who had experience first-hand field collection of biodiversity (vegetation and terrestrial vertebrates) and climate data using TEAM scientific protocols.

The site manager also did two interviews to teacher from the Ecoclassroom workhop who are interested in her scientist profile in order to get students excietd about science careers.

The Site Manager gave a talk to students of Ecology and Biology career at the Universidad Javeriana and Universidad de Valle, Cali, Colombia, about Costa Rican TEAM site. After this talk, many students were very interested in a TEAM volunteers program.

The Site Manager gave a talk to CALIDRIS staff, (NGO, dedicated to the conservation of birds and aquatic ecosystems. This talk reinforced the importance of monitoring biodiversity and how to implement standardized sampling protocols.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

There were not unusual events this sampling period.

New Species: 

There were not new species for this sampling period.

Protocol Activities: 

All vegetation and terrestrial vertebrates sampling were completed on May 2011.

The climate data from July 1st up to September 7th were collected with no problems and submitted in the new data entry form version 3.0.

The DeskTEAM for vegetation data was tested and suggestions and comments were sent to TEAM Informatic Manager

Protocol Problems: 

There were not protocol problems this sampling period.

Schedule Problems: 

There were no scehedule problems this sampling period.

Logistical Problems: 

There were no logistical problems this sampling period.


Is it possible to get an answer about the possibility of uploading the La Selva climate station data on the TEAm web server? We are ready with all metadata site and the first climate data to upload.