Volcán Barva (10.01.2011 to 12.31.2011)

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October - December
Communications activities: 

The Site Manager gave a talk (and carried out a field trip) about  “The Volcan Barva TEAM Project, Costa Rica" for 14 master students of Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) – This course was interested in having field research experience with long.term projects carried out at La Selva Biological Station.


The Site Manager attended the environmental fair celebrated by La Selva Biological Station. TEAM project information, camera traps and animal pictures were showed to more than 1000 local people.


We had a workshop with people from MINAET (Ministry of Environment) to evaluate and measure their monitoring and management strategy for the conservation area where TEAM carries out the study. From the data generated by TEAM,  the Management Plan has identified a prioritized threat analysis, and they are willing and extremely grateful to coordinate joint actions and / or select specific areas to control OTS rangers in or around the park. TEAM data will be used by MINAET staff to develop educational brochures of fauna and flora of the BCN Park. Terrestrial vertebrates data allowed to priorize studies on focal species as felids in the BCNP. They also will strengthen surveillance and presence of rangers in the park, especially in sectors where the shelters and equipment stolen
and develop joint activities with OTS within the environmental education program.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

La Selva biological station  and many places in Braulio Carrillo National parks including the trails into the forest  and roads were flooded several weeks on December. More than 300 mm of water in only 3 days.


New Species: 

A new record of plant´s  species for the Braulio Carrillo Nacional Park (Ventanea occidentalis, Family: Humiliaceae)  was found in IMA 2 during our vegetation annual census. This is a recruit of  2012 sampling period.

Protocol Activities: 

Vegetation census and calibration in IMA 2 were completed. More than 400 stems were measured in IMA2. 10 recruits and 7 death trees were counted for this sampling period in IMA 2. The calibration of 100 random stems in IMA 2 were carried out.

The climate data from October 28th  up to December 28th  were collected and submitted in the new data entry form version 3.0.  

Protocol Problems: 

We lost a week of data (1-7 July) due to the damage on the card. In addition, On September, when we went to recover the data from July, we realized that the internal memory is too short, so we could not recover the data.

On September we had a little problem when we tried to download the data directly from computer. We tried to find the error, using different cables, ports, maxim transfer velocity, etc but we did not find exactly where is the problem. We finally use the software PC400 to download the data from other computer. The internal memory of the datalogger appears to be too short (only 5 weeks of data are kept inside the datalogger). Due to this, we could not recover the data from the first week of July. 

Schedule Problems: 

We had to postpone the vegetation census and calibration in IMA 2 schedule for December 20 due the heavy rain. La Selva biological station including the trails into the forest were flooded several days. Vegetation census and calibration in IMA 2 were completed but we could not upload the calibration excel file to the TEAM portal. Calibration data file was attached into the quarterly report. I also sent a message to Eric and help.teamnetwork explain the problem uploading the file. It seems that the web only accepts the Excel format for vegetation censuses, because when I  tried to upload calibration data, the system asked for missing columns wich are contained in the vegetation census excel file.

Logistical Problems: 

We are having problems on the shelters located at BCNP. Much of the field equipment necessary to maintain several days camping in more remote shelters has been stolen. The gas and cooking utensils for kitchen use has been consumed as well. We decided again to hide the equipment inside the forest near the lodge and reinforce existing doors with locks. There was also a strong call to the MINAET staff for reinforcement surveillance activities within the park.


I have requested some questions about problems with climate station on TEAM help support but i have not received any answer yet. we need another Jimmy 24/7 person ASAP.

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