Yasuni (01.01.2011 to 09.30.2011)

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01 : January - September
Protocol Activities: 

(a) Six vegetation plots, established in the wet season of 2011, were fully installed in June 2011 under supervision of Dr Renato Valancia. Diameter data recorded at this time, however, are from the wet season and thus are not useful for TEAM. The first valid dry-season census of diameters has been scheduled for Jan-Feb 2012.

(b) Camera traps were deployed for the first time at two 30-point arrays, during March-May 2011. Photos were processed with DeskTEAM and were uploaded to the TEAM portal.

(c) Climate data recording has not started because of trouble with shipping and importation of the equipment. The tower is now being installed, and data collection should start in December.

Protocol Problems: 
It was difficult to find a suitable location for the climate station. The location that was finally chosen, in close communication with the TEAM technical director, is not perfect, because it is on the slope of a small hill adjacent to the field station.
Schedule Problems: 

We had great difficulties in getting the equipment to Yasuni. Especially for the climate and vegetation equipment, problems with import tax exemption and funds for shipping caused significant delays.

Logistical Problems: 

There were some problems with people from the local tribe. In particular, one person demanded to be paid for permission to run camera traps in the area around his village. Negotations solved this problem.