Yasuni (01.01.2013 to 03.31.2013)

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January - March
Communications activities: 

In early January, the TEAM Site Manager, Dr. Hugo Romero, and the vegetation coordinator, Dr. Renato Valencia, attended a meeting at Washington to discuss the data federation initiative of CTFS-SIGEO and TEAM plots.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 


New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

The vegetation census was successfully completed late March. After basic data quality assurance procedures, the data will be uploaded in April. An updated dataset with more definite or complete determinations (months of herbarium work lying ahead) will be uploaded in June or July.

The climate station has been running fine. Data has been uploaded to TEAM portal.

We are working on a plan to establish a climate station in an existing canopy tower.

Protocol Problems: 

The fauna census is seriously delayed because of the unavailability of seven cameras that have been stuck in Ecuadorian Customs for the last three months. These were cameras that were sent to repair under warranty to the US in August 2012, and which returned repaired to Ecuador in December 2012. Taking them out of Customs has been a very frustrating process, specially because we did not want to pay again import taxes to liberate them. After several bureaucratic efforts with Customs (which indeed have taken months), they have recently decided to liberate the cameras, a process in which we are now engaged into. With the hope that the cameras will be soon available, the fauna team has just traveled to Yasuni to start deploying the first camera array.

Schedule Problems: 

The fauna census is very delayed. The TEAM technical director was contacted for rescheduling.

Logistical Problems: 

A recent raid among indigenous people, who inhabit the area of influence of TEAM, involving several dead people, may pose a logistical threat to the work of the fauna team. We usually hire local natives as guides or assistants, and/or ask them to watch over the cameras while they sit in the forest for many days. To have the "blessing" of the natives is crucial, as in the past they have threaten to destroy the cameras if they are not paid or somehow be involved with the project.