Yasuni (04.01.2013 to 06.30.2013)

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April - June
Communications activities: 


Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 


New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

 The sampling of the first array of 30 cameras has been completed. The sampling of the second array of 30 cameras is now underway and will be completed by the end of July.

Protocol Problems: 

The administrative and bureaucratic hassles that the Yasuni site went through during the first months of this year due to the detention of seven cameras at Customs are now over. The cameras were finally "rescued" from Customs by mid-May.

Schedule Problems: 

 Because of the problem with the cameras held in Customs for several months, the camera trap sampling was delayed five months: the first array had to be deployed in January, but was actually deployed in May. This change of sampling schedule was approved by TEAM´s Technical Director.

Logistical Problems: 

 No logistical problems have been reported by the fauna coordinator, Julia Salvador, during the deployment of the cameras.