Yasuni (04.01.2016 to 06.30.2016)

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April - June
Protocol Activities: 

Fauna: Fieldwork for fauna protocol 2016 was completed on May 13th. Pictures have been processed and data is currently available on WebTEAM.

Flora: The 2016 census of the six 1-ha plots set up in the Ecuadorian Yasuni National Park was carried out between late January and mid February. This year the field work was rather smooth because we had an unusual drought during most of the census days. The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) present in the Pacific Ocean provoked a rain deficit and drought in the eastern Andean slopes and piedmont where the plots are located.

Clima: Climatic data is currently updated until July 15th. There are no missing data since September 12th 2014.

Protocol Problems: 

Fauna: We had two camera traps stolen by Waorani at array 2 (CT-YAS-2-07 and CT-YAS-2-08) and one camera stolen at array 1 (CT-YAS-1-30). After several meetings we were able to recover one camera trap. Also, one camera trap at array 2 failed after the second day of deployment (CT-YAS-2-26).

We deployed cameras of array 2 first (March-April 2006), therefore, during the second part of our survey (array 1; April-May) we re-installed cameras at the three sites of array 2 where we missed data (CT-YAS-2-07, 08, 26).  We were not able to reinstall a new camera where it was stolen at site 30 array 1. This was the second consecutive year where we lost data on site CT-YAS-1-30. On 2015 the memory card and batteries of this site was also stolen.  Due to theft we reinstalled CT-YAS-2-07 and 08 at slightly different locations. Next year we will have to change the location of site CT-YAS-1-30 at is clearly a site that is not safe for equipment. 

Flora: We detected some identification mistakes but still we need to clean and update the taxonomy in all the plots. Such revision will demand a fieldwork campaign in itself. 

Clima: On April 25th we noticed the fan of the climatic station was not working. The problem seems to be in the wiring as the fan did work with an external power source. Repair of fan is pending.