Yasuni (07.01.2013 to 09.30.2013)

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July - September
Communications activities: 

The site manager was contacted by Yasuni National Park´s Manager (Biologist José Narváez) who is interested in deploying ca. 25 cameras (recently bought by the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador) using TEAM´s protocol. He is envisioning a network of camera traps from different institutions (incl. WCS, which from time to time also deploys its own camera traps in Yasuni) that, year after year, would cover different areas of the Park.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 


New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

 TV protocol completed and the two tpk files (arrays 1 and 2) successfully transferred to TEAM portal. 

Protocol Problems: 


Schedule Problems: 

 As explained in past reports, the TV protocol was delayed several months due to problems in Customs with cameras sent to USA for repair.

Logistical Problems: 

An indigenous field assistant was bitten by a Bothrops atrox snake, but recovered well.