Yasuni (07.01.2014 to 09.30.2014)

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July - September
Communications activities: 


Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 


New Species: 


Protocol Activities: 

Vegetation: Hugo Romero had committed to upload VG data in July but he found errors in data of previous years. Hugo wanted to correct these errors and send all revised data to DC. We expect these data will be sent by Hugo soon.

Terrestrial Vertebrates: protocol for 2014 completed.  

Climate: Hugo Romero gave a workshop in Yasuni to train David Lasso (new clima PI) and Carlos Padilla on the management of the climatic station. Both, Carlos and David work full time at Yasuni Research Station. We expect to gather and upload clima data on a monthly basis starting November 2014. On early November we will update climatic data.

Protocol Problems: 

Climate: data of period March 30th – May 17th are corrupted (memory card was not retrieved properly). Data between May 17th and September 26th were not possible to read by H. Romero and seem to be encrypted. We will send data to DC for them to try to recover them. On September 26-27th station was cleaned thoroughly and some cables changed. Data between Sept 28 and Oct 13th were downloaded and were readable. Station seems to be working properly.

A second revision of cameras showed that more need repair:
P900DD11014860: Blurry pictures, display with minimal failure
P900DD11014885: Very blurry pictures
P900DD12015399: Bad display
P900DD11014829: Pictures little blurry, display with minimal failure
P900DD11014832: Pictures little blurry, display with minimal failure
P900DD11014888: Pictures little blurry, display with minimal failure


Schedule Problems: 

Climate: March 30th – September 26th missing.

Logistical Problems: 



Some materials need to be acquired in order to ensure the quality of climatic data. These include:
1. Two new pyranometers for replacing the old pyranometers which need do be calibrated.
2. White protectors that cover the tip of VAISALA sensors.
3. UPS for climatic station that provides electricity for at least 6 hrs in case of extended blackout.