Yasuni (10.01.2015 to 12.31.2015)

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October - December
Protocol Activities: 

Fauna: All data were uploaded to the TEAM database. 

Flora: All data were uploaded to the TEAM database. 

Clima: Climatic data for the last quarter was collected and uploaded to the TEAM database. We have the complete climatic dataset for 2015 online now. There are no missing data this year.

Protocol Problems: 

Clima: After downloading clima data for last quarter of 2015 we were not able to read the file. The file was sent to Jimmy MacCarthy who was able to recover all data.    


Schedule Problems: 

Initially we planned to retrieve data from climatic station on a monthly basis. We were not able to follow this schedule. For 2016 we had planned to retrieve data on a bimonthly basis, which seems more feasible.