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The Wildlife Monitoring Solution

TEAM is now offering the Wildlife Monitoring Solution to improve protected area effectiveness through field expertise, information management, and data indicators and analytics. 

TEAM's Wildlife Monitoring Solution includes:

  • Wildlife monitoring design and implementation
  • Camera trap and sensor expertise
  • Monitoring Field Implementation Training
  • Monitoring Software Training
  • Data management and back-up
  • Monitoring data analytics software
  • Biodiversity indicators at different spatial and temporal scales. See the Wildlife Picture Index Analytics System built for the TEAM Network
  • Reports derived from your data


Wild.ID is software designed to serve as an information management platform for protected area managers and wildlife professionals—allowing them to easily review and annotate camera trap images as well as keep track of equipment and personnel. Wild.ID features an easy to use interface for annotating camera trap photos and managing personnel and equipment data. Stay tuned for our new cloud-based camera trap data management platform, Wildlife Insights, which will offer automated species recognition and other tools, and will launch in Spring 2019. 

Use Wild.ID to:

  • Create inventory of species in protected areas
  • Inform management of protected areas
  • Easily format data for future analysis in programs like Excel and R

Who can benefit?

  • National environmental agencies
  • Protected area managers
  • Academic/research institutions

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About TEAM

TEAM's mission is to deliver multi-scale, real-time understanding of how key elements of Earth’s operating system — climate, carbon stocks, biodiversity — are changing, and what this means for people.

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