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To build the Cyberinfrastructure the TEAM Network has partnered with the San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California, San Diego. More information about TEAM tools can be found in our Cyberinfrastructure brochure (PDF). TEAM tools are also described below.

Network Management

The Network Management Tool is part of the TEAM Network Portal and is used by the TEAM network office to setup, manage and track all technical, operational and administrative aspects of the network. Viewable internally only.

Site Management

The Site Management Tool is part of the TEAM Network Portal and is used by the TEAM site managers to setup, manage and track all technical, operational and administrative aspects of their sites. Viewable internally only.

Sampling Design

The sampling design process defines where in space information from the TEAM Network is collected. TEAM Site personnel use this proposed sampling design as a guideline when they go to the field to implement the “real” locations where sampling occurs. Viewable internally only.

Sampling Scheduler

The Sampling Scheduler is a calendar based web application that allows TEAM sites to schedule sampling on specific local calendar dates that satisfy the requirements of the TEAM Protocols. Viewable internally only.


The TEAM Network is developing mobile technology with smart phones and PDAs (EcoPDAs) that can be used to gather scientific data in the field. These devices will greatly facilitate data collection while simultaneously ensuring that data is of the highest scientific quality.

Spatial Data Management

GIS and Remote Sensing data are vital for the TEAM Network. Spatial data are generated by TEAM Sites and Protocols as well as shared via partner organizations and governments. An access controlled, web based spatial data management software solution is used to manage and share GIS and Remote Sensing imagery. The system utilizes open source software and will be expanded in the future to become a more robust GIS Data Warehouse. Viewable internally only.


WebTEAM provides authenticated and authorized access to online web forms that can be used to upload, edit and review scientific data. The current system allows data collectors to upload data and edit data after its uploaded. A reviewer can review submitted data and set pre-defined data review levels. Finally, a spatial expert can upload and edit spatial attributes in the dataset. Viewable internally only.


DeskTEAM is a desktop version of the WebTEAM application that runs locally on a desktop and does not require Internet connectivity. The goal of this framework, similar to that of the WebTEAM application, is to provide authenticated and authorized access to forms that can be used by TEAM network experts to upload and edit scientific data. Once the data is uploaded and saved within the DeskTEAM framework, it can be synchronized with the central TEAM database by connecting to the Internet. Viewable internally only.


The cyberdashboard utilizes a Google map based interface and custom graphing packages to visualize different components of the TEAM network. One component, the data upload stream from TEAM Sites, is tracked and synthesized into a compliance status that can be visualized at the global network level down to individual sampling units. Additional information such as administrative statistics, sampling schedules, as well as statistics on the quality and quantity of the scientific data can also be easily visualized. Viewable internally only.

Data Query & Download

TEAM Network data is available for download via the Data Query and Download Application. This application utilizes a Google Maps custom interface to search, visualize, and download TEAM Network data. TEAM Network data is free to download. The Query and Download application allows its user to zoom down to the TEAM site block level to view actual sampling units. Summary graphs at the Protocol, Site, Block and the Sampling Unit level are also available.

The Terrestrial Vertebrate Protocol produces extremely large image datasets. A unique part of the Data Query and Download application enables users to filter, select, view and download images captured at TEAM Sites.

Google Earth Visualization

TEAM will use the powerful visualization capabilities of Google Earth to better understand TEAM Network scientific data. To accomplish this, TEAM will create a suite of standardized Google Earth visualization products.

Carbon Stock Calculator

The Forest Carbon Stock Calculator uses predictive relationships between tree biomass, tree diameter and wood density to determine the amount of above ground Carbon in a forest. The application currently uses TEAM Vegetation Protocol data collected from 1ha plots at TEAM Sites. This application can be extended to utilize almost any type of ground based tree measurement to derive carbon estimates.

Project Collaboration

The TEAM projects area is a space for network members to share forums, wikis and files with their collaborators. Network members may visit the projects area by logging into the TEAM Network portal and going to the projects page. Viewable internally only.