Maria Pandal

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Member since: May 14, 2008

Title: Director of Operations and Finance

Institution: Conservation International

Area of expertise and Interest

Research Core Areas: Diversity Indices

Bio: Maria has been involved with the non-profit financial management and operations of conservation organizations for over fifteen years starting at World Wildlife Fund in Washington D.C., where she worked for over 5 years and was responsible for planning, developing and coordinating grants, financial activities and budgeting processes of the Latin America and the Caribbean Region with five full operating field offices in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Mexico. After five years, Maria started working for The Nature Conservancy where she was the Director of Operations and Finance for the Mexico Division and later for the South America Division where she was responsible for developing strategies and guidelines, managing and monitoring the operational functions, including grants, finance, human resources, information systems and office management for its operations in four field offices in-country, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile. She has had the experience of working from both, the headquarters in the U.S. and a field office in South America as well as being able to travel extensively throughout Latin America and Europe giving her a better understanding and appreciation of the impact of the diverse realities and cultural backgrounds of those involved in operations and program activities in the US and the field. Maria has been working for TEAM since November, 2007.

Language(s): English, Spanish