Andre Luis

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Member since: January 13, 2016

Title: Researcher

TEAM Role: Site Manager, Data Collector, Data Uploader

Institution: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia

Area of expertise and Interest

Research Core Areas: Data/Information Management
Research Discipline: Conservation biology
Research Region: South America
Research Organism: Terrestrial Vertebrates

Bio: I'm a biologist with experience in natural history and conservation of neotropical mammals and a particular interest in work with data from camera traps, occupancy analyses and habitat use. I'm got my master degree in Ecology, at the National Institute of Amazonian Research-INPA. My project investigated the influence of some environmental and antrophogenic factors on a community of mid-sized to large bodied mammals in Conservation Units located in Central Amazon. Currently, i'm a colleger of our group GPMA and i'm working with database of registers from camera traps and looking for PhD

TEAM Protocols: Climate, Terrestrial Vertebrate, Vegetation - Trees & Lianas

TEAM Site: Manaus

Language(s): English, Portuguese